12th Leadership

* Please note I update my website every Monday for the week, so please check the dates so you know the correct week you are looking for, the most current week is listed first*   

Class information:  

Journal entry Chapter for 20 and 21 due: Tues, June 3rd

Journal entry Chapter for 18 and 19: due: Monday, June 2nd

Journal entry Chapter for 16 and 17 due: Friday, May 30th

Journal entry for Chapter 12 ( Passion) due, Friday 4/25/14

Journal entry for Chapter 11 ( Listening) due, Friday 4/11/14

Community Clean- Ups ( 4th Quarter) April 22nd, May 6th, May 27th

Senior 4 Senior Luncheon: May 14th

K-5 Chapel Service: May 16th

8th Grade BBQ ( 4th quarter project on Event Planning) 5/28/14

Journal entry Chapter 9 ( Generosity) due, Friday 3/28/14

Journal entry on Chapter 7 ( Discernment ) due Friday, 3/14/14

Community Clean- Ups: Tuesday 3/11/14 and Tuesday 3/25/14

Peer interveiws ( continued) 2/10/14

CPR Event- 2/14/14 ( Please bring in the items you signed up for)

Peer Interviews- 2/7/14 ( Please bring in your resume)

Chapel scheduled for 1/31/14

December 20th - Please bring in items for CPR hot choclate event

November 25th- Last lecture on CPR

November 26th- Community Clean up

November 27th- Class Peer Relationships Event ( Please bring in items you signed up to bring in)

December 2nd- Review for CPR test

December 9th- CPR Exam

December 3rd- Community Clean Up

September 16th- CPR certification course begins

September 17th- Community Clean up

September 20th- Students submit their ideas for Senior sweatshirt

September 27th- Have chapter 1 read (Character) and journaled on

October 1st- Community Clean up

October 11th- have chapter 2 read ( Charisma) and journaled on

October 21st- Resume rough draft due ( must be typed)

October 22nd- Community Clean-Up

November 1st- Resume final draft due