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June Lunch Menu

Memorial Day
No School                          
                           1               ©?Turkey  Deli Sandwichor©*Cheese Ravioli with Breadstick                          2                 ?Mini Pancakes with Sausage Pattiesor*Macaroni & Cheese                          3       ©*Cheese Pizzaor?Chicken Patty on a Bun                             4                    ?Hot Dog on a Bunor ?Hamburger on a Bun
                          7          ?Cheese Quesadillaor Veggie Lo-Mein                       8                    ©?Chickn Stir Fry with RiceorMeatballs w/Gravy                          9              Crunchy Beef TacosorFish Patty on a Bun                         10          Ham & Cheese Bagel SandwichesorCheese Pizza11?Chicken Nuggets orFrench Toast
Get 2 Months for $5!