Mrs. Glendenning's Science Lab


Materials needed for science grades 4-8.

  1. 2 pocket folder
  2. Loose leaf notebook paper
  3. Composition Notebook
  4. Pencils and/or pens
  5. Text Book


Classroom Expectations

  • Students will come to class prepared everyday with book, folder, compostion notebook, and pencil/pen.
  • Students will keep all homework, lab worksheets, graded quizes, and handouts in their FOLDER and turn the FOLDER in on the day of the Chapter test. The FOLDER and its contents are 40-50% of their quarter grade!
  • Students and not throw away graded QUIZZES!  They are to stay in the folder until after the Chapter Test.
  • Students will come to class with completed homework assignments when they are assigned.
  • Students will study for quizzes and tests.
  • Students will take notes during class.
  • Students are responsible for getting notes and assignments from Mrs. G or a classmate if they are absent.
  • Students are responsible for making up missed homework, quizzes, and tests within 2 days of being absent.