Professional Educator




My long term goal this year was to be more organized and to do a better job at differentiating assignments for student.  My progress toward these two goals was good.  I was able to develop a plan for me to be better organized.  I was able find better ways to differentiate assignments  for my students.  My area of strength is that I look for contsant impovement in myself, and I ask for help when I need it.   The improvements that I need to continue to work are the same things that are my strengths.  I feel that as teachers we need to continue to learn to help our students learn to the best we can teach.


My professional goal to learn more to become a better teacher.  My goals are to understand the students and to make sure that they feel secure enough to ask for help.  I want to become involved in my students life just enough for them to trust me to help them learn.  My professional goals will also help me to remain conntected with education and my students.

My advice to new teachers is take it one day at a time, to make sure they ask a lot of questions to learn and don't think you know everything about teaching.