How to Write a Great Objective!

The Objective

What we want the students to learn!!

First, the Objective must be congruent with the State standards and benchmarks.  The curriculum is the guide. 

Second, the Objective is not the same as a standard or benchmark.  It is much more specific and deals only with that day’s lesson.  Ask yourself, “How are my students going to be different when they walk out of my classroom?”

Formal Objectives have four parts:  Learning, Behavior, Condition, and Criteria.

Example: From memory (condition), the student will list (behavior) the 13 original colonies (learning) with 100% accuracy (criteria).

Non-example: The class will read Chapter 4, section 2, and answer the section review questions.Note – the behavior (a verb) also signifies the cognitive level.

Deland High School DataOut of 58 classrooms; 69% of teachers have an incomplete objective or an agenda only, 18% have a correctly written objective, and 13% have nothing to denote the day’s learning.