Model Lesson Plan

Teach, Model, Practice Lesson Plan


·         Objective: (ex-From memory, the student will list the 13 original colonies with 100% accuracy.)


·         Bellringer/Review [Diagnosis and Mental Set]: (ex-formal “pre-test”, an informal activity, a series of carefully crafted questions)


·         Instruction [Input]: (ex-lecture, read to the students, have students read on their own, show, interactive websites, videos with student participation, audio cd, roleplay/demonstrate, safari montage, manipulatives)


·         Monitor/Assess [Check for Understanding]: (ex-write a 1 sentence or paragraph summary or explanation, answer carefully crafted questions, “try” an activity, process, or skill)


·         Guided Practice/Further Processing: (should be short, carefully controlled, monitored closely with immediate feedback, and delayed if the check for understanding step indicates the need to re-teach)


·         Review [Closure]: (NOT a teacher summary, behavior and criteria must match the objective set at the beginning, it is an assessment of both teaching and learning)