Student Instructions for Setting Up an Interactive Notebook

How to Set Up Your Interactive Notebook

1.     Neatly print your first and last name, the period of the class, the name of the class (Reading), and my name, Ms. xxxxx, somewhere on the front cover.

2.    Number each page, in order, with a small, neatly written number in the upper right hand corner for each right side page, and the upper left hand corner for each left side page. 

3.    The very first page of your notebook is page 1.  The back of page 1 is page 2 and so on.  Number each page in the entire notebook until the very last page.  (Remember, you’ll number to 200 in a 100 page notebook.)

4.    Page 1 is the Title Page.   It contains:

  • a.    Your first and last name.
  • b.    Name of class.
  • c.    Period of class.
  • d.    Ms. xxxxx

5.    You will glue these instructions on “How to set up my notebook” on page 2.  Fold the paper in half so that none of it hangs out of the pages of the notebook.

6.    On pages 3-9 write “Table of Contents” on the line in the top margin.  Do this for each page of the table of contents.

7.    Finally, start on the next clean line of the table of contents page (Page 3) and begin numbering each line with numbers, in order, starting with 1 until you reach the highest number you got to when you numbered your pages.

8.    My own notebook will be kept just like yours.  If you are absent, either borrow mine during class to catch up or borrow a friend’s notebook.  Make sure that you get the missing handouts that you need and do the missing work. 

***Do not take my notebook out of the classroom.***Almost all work done in class this year, including class notes, reading notes, discussion notes, and handouts with new information will be in your Interactive Notebook.  DO NOT RIP OUT PAGES and do your best to keep it looking good.  Creative and artistic work (drawings, poems, graphic organizers), practice work, and glued in materials should all be neat and reflect pride in your work.

Notebooks will be checked periodically for completeness, organization, quality of work, and visual appeal about every 2-3 weeks.  All class notes and notebook assignments should be included, even for the days when you are absent.  An important part of your notebook is its visual appearance.  Your notebook should be neat.  Each entry should be titled.  Signatures here will be a graded assignment. 

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Teachers:  Here is a link where you can find even more information!

The link below is a link to Physics ISN, but it has great general information as well!