The purpose of education is to enlighten students, teachers and staff to the world around them and to help make everyone involved the best individual they can be for not only themselves, but their family, friends, community and country. I feel that including a range of people, such as family and community students will learn lessons beyond what they learn in their text books. Tests are an important tool for assessment, but not the only tool that should be used to teach students. The world is so much larger and has so much more to offer then what can be found on state mandated tests.

As an educator I feel that it is my responsibility to help my students realize their potential, how to harness their creativity and thoughts while also helping them to reach beyond the limits they think they have to try new activities and improve upon their weaknesses.

I think the classroom in a place that needs to be safe, warm, inviting and one that a student feels he or she is has a voice. Students should come to class prepared to learn and participate in what every activity is planned for the day. Goals will be set so that students will have to put forth the effort they have within them, but designed so that if they give their all, they cannot fail. Students will know that everyone has the right to be heard, the right to learn and the right to succeed.

To create the best learning situation for all students it is important to include a variety of teaching methods within a unit. While it may not be possible to reach all learning styles in one lesson, information will be presented using one of several methods as often as possible. While the teacher is responsible for teaching, the students must also take responsibility for their learning as well. Expectations must be clear and upheld at all times. By setting expectations with students, and not for students I feel they will see the classroom as partially theirs, and know that their opinion matters and their voices will be heard.

School and education form a stepping stone in which students will use for a platform to many great times in their lives. The lessons they learn from their books, teachers and peers are ones that will be carried with them for life. Some lessons may stick longer then others, but each day we spend with our students is one that impacts them for life.