Class Calendar




Week 1               In-Class Homework
Introduction to class. Diagnostic essay.  Email assignment
Writing Process and basic structure. Central Idea. Brainstorming. Read: Ch 1, 6, 9
Week 2  
Description Exercises. Figurative Language. Showing vs. telling. Assign Paper 1. Brainstorming. Read: handouts
Read "A Simple Gift," "Vinnie's Jacket".  In-class essay. Read: Ch 5, 7
Week 3  
Workshop Paper 1. Introductions/Conclusions Read: Ch 8 and handouts
Narration.  Read "Keepsakes," "Brothers". Drafting and revising. Assign Paper 2.  
Week 4  
Workshop Paper 2. Compare/Contrast. Two Methods. Read: Ch 14
Compare/Contrast.  Assign Paper 3.  
Week 5  
Workshop Paper 3. In-class essay: compare/contrast. Read: Ch 2 and handouts
Close Analysis. Point of view exercises. Read "The Jacket" Read: Ch 16 and handouts
Week 6  
Workshop Paper 4. Structure of an argument.  Read "Anonymous Victims of Dreams and a River", Read: Ch 17
Writing persuasively. In-class practice using SIEL.  
Week 7  
Workshop Paper 5 (and all previous papers)  
Practice Final.  
Week 8  
Last Day of class instruction. Review  
Final Exam.  8:00 p.m.  Portfolios are due.  



Final Exam is scheduled for Thursday, April 26, 2006 at 8:00 pm.


Portfolios are due no later than the beginning of class on April 26, 2006.