Paper #1 Assignment Sheet



Faulkner University

Spring Semester

EH 0302


Paper # 1



            Write a descriptive essay on a childhood place you remember using the five senses.  It should be at least five paragraphs (Intro, 3 senses, conclusion) but can be up to seven (Intro, all 5 senses, conclusion).  It should be typed, double spaced, Roman Times Font, 12pt and remember to follow the page format given you.  Double-check your grammar and spelling before coming to workshop.  This is a good routine to get into – even if it is a rough draft.  Your aim for this paper is to reflect an understanding of both the organization of a paper and the grasp you have on what a descriptive essay is.



However, remember that the specific topic of this paper – what place you choose to write on is YOURS.   You can do what you want to with it. 



Make sure you include these in your essay:



                Organization             Make sure you include the following:



These should be separate paragraphs

                                                            Introduction—catch the reader’s attention

                                                            Body—support your argument

                                                            Conclusion—end as strongly as you began



Rough Draft for Workshop due:  Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Revised Rough Draft (given to me) due:  Thursday, March 22, 2012