Paper #2 Assignment Sheet


Faulkner University

Spring Semester

EH 0302


Paper # 2



            Write a narrative essay on one of the following themes.  Tell a story.  Take a moment from your life and tell why this moment is so important and why the reader should bother to read the essay at all.  Be descriptive and precise.  Show us the story rather than just tell us.  This should read like a movie in the reader’s minds.




The first time you fell in love


The moment you knew you would survive a natural disaster


A moment when you stood up for what you believed


The moment you knew when you wanted to come back and get a college education


First discovery of someone who changed your life




1) The essay must have an introduction and a conclusion paragraph.

2) The story is told in the body paragraphs and must have some dialogue.

3) The rough draft should have a correct heading, title, and page numbers and should be double-spaced.

4) The final draft, handed into me, should be typed, double-spaced with the correct heading, title, and page numbers.



Rough Draft for Workshop due:  Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Revised Rough Draft (given to me) due:  Thursday, March 29, 2012