About Me

I have been an educator for over three years!  I have taught Reading and Language Arts for grades K, 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, both in the public and charter schools.  In addition, I have also been a Reading Specialist for grades K-8 at a non-profit organization.  Needless to say, I am very passionate about education! 

I believe that every teacher should aim to provide quality education.  I commit to a diverse, student-centered instruction.  As an educator, I believe setting high expectations for every learner in the classroom is key.  Educators are to ensure positive experiences, which will in turn, allow for every student to meet these expectations.  Educators are merely a facilitator in the students' learning process.  It is our duty to provide ample opportunities and options so they may be able to select how they will like to process, dissect, understand, and ultimately, apply the information being taught. 

Every classroom is its own community and possesses its own culture.  By modeling an open-mind, respect, tolerance, and a positive attitude, I hope to encourage all the students to become informed and educated enough to draw their own conclusions, inferences, and opinions at large; all the while, ensuring that they are respectful, and if need be, respectfully disagree.  As a result, it is my hope that all students become inspired enough to create a positive environment in our community outside of the classroom to influence many to follow. 

If I motivate students to become educated, make a change, and empower others, I have done my part as a community educator.

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