Start of the Day Routine

1. Wait quietly in the hallway for Ms. Woodruff to greet you. Then you will enter quietly into the classroom.

2. Hang up your backpack/coat, put your homework folder in the red basket on the table, and sit down.

4. Begin morning work.

5. Ms. Woodruff will call 1 table at a time to go show “how you are feeling”.

Morning Work

1. This is quiet time.

2. Read the board to find out what your morning work is.

3. Complete the assignment and turn into the morning work tray. You only have 10 minutes to complete this assignment or you will finish it during recess time.

4. If you finish early, READ.

Pencil Sharpening

1. If your lead breaks during the day and you do not have another pencil, you may hold up 2 fingers and wait for Ms. Woodruff to give you permission to borrow one from the cup.

2. Only Ms. Woodruff can use the electric sharpener.


1. If you need to use the restroom or get a drink you will need to hold up 1 finger and wait for Ms. Woodruff to give you permission to get out of your seat. If Ms. Woodruff is in the middle of teaching a lesson you need to wait until she is done talking unless it is an emergency.

2. When you are done, wash your hands.

4. You may also bring a water bottle to school to keep at your seat.

If You Have a Question

1. Show Ms. Woodruff 3 fingers and wait quietly and patiently until I call on you.

2. Please do not call out my name or wave your hands in the air.  This is distracting to me and other students,.

Exiting the Classroom

1. When it is time to leave the room, Ms. Woodruff will call 1 table at a time and ask you to line up. You will always line up in number order.

2. Ms. Woodruff will wait until the class is standing in a straight and quiet line before exiting the room.

Entering the Classroom

1. We enter our classroom quietly.

2. Please come in and go directly to your seat.

Walking Down the Hall

1. We walk down the hall quietly.

2. We walk on the right hand side of the hallway.

3. We stay in a line, one student behind the other.

4. There is a line leader. The line leader will always walk first.

5. We will keep our hands and feet to ourselves.

6. Remember that we are all going to the same place.


1. Your planner is your homework for the week. It needs to be completed by Thursdays of each week. If it is not complete by Thursday. You will move your name and owe recess time to complete it.

2. Your planners will be kept in your homework folders at all times.

3. If you lose your planner you will miss recess time. It is your responsibility to make sure that your planner is returned to your homework folder, placed into your backpack, and returned to school each day.

Homework Folders

1. You must bring your homework folder to school everyday and take it home at night.

2. If you forget your Homework folder two days in a row, you will stay in from recess to write a reminder note for yourself. Your parents will need to sign your note and help you look for you homework folder.

3. If you lose your Homework folder, you will be responsible for replacing it.

Packing Up

1. The teacher’s assistant will pass out homework folders.

2. Take out your planner and circle the color that you are on. If you had to move your leaf, you will need to write why. Place your planner back into your homework folder in the RETURN TO SCHOOL pocket.

3. Ms. Woodruff will call 1 table at a time to get your mail and backpack/coat. Put your mail into the KEEP AT HOME pocket. Any notes or additional homework that needs to be returned will go in the RETURN TO SCHOOL pocket.

4. Wait quietly while others pack up.

5. Wait to be dismissed.

Bringing Toys to School

1. Toys are not allowed at school.

2. If you choose to bring a toy to school and it gets taken away by a teacher, it will be kept at school until your parent or guardian comes to visit with Ms. Woodruff.

Free Choice Time

1. If all activities have been complete throughout the day, we will be able to have 10 minutes of “free choice time” at the end of the day.

2. During free choice time, you may play math games, draw, color, or read.

3. Ms. Woodruff will set a timer for 10 minutes, when the timer goes off you will need to quietly put materials away and find your seat.

4. You will have 2 minutes to have all materials put away and all students must be back in their seats when the timer goes off.

Teacher’s Assistant

1. The teacher’s assistant will assist the teacher by passing out papers, sharpening pencils, cleaning boards, delivering notes to the office, and being the line leader.

2. The teacher’s assistants will change each day.

Table Helpers

1. There will be a table helper at each table.

2. The table helpers will change each day.

3. The table helpers job will be to pass out workbooks and papers and will get supplies that may be needed throughout the day.


1. Sometimes we make mistakes, and that’s ok! The first time a rule or procedure is broken, you will move your leaf to white and receive a verbal warning. That means Ms. Woodruff will remind you about what you should be doing.

2. The second time it happens, you will move your leaf to green. This means that you owe 5 minutes of your recess time.

3. If it happens again, you will move your leaf to yellow and owe 10 minutes of recess time.

4. If it happens again, you will move your leaf to red and owe 20 minutes of recess time to fill out think-it-through reflection form. The form must be signed by a parent or guardian and returned the next day.

5. Other consequences (depending on the behavior) may include- removal from the classroom, calling home or visiting with Mr. Williams or Mrs. Kite.


1. Thanks for making good choices! You will be rewarded with Friday Surprise if you stay on purple all week or only move your name to white once a week.

2. Ms. Woodruff will also be handing out “banana bucks” during the day. You can earn tickets for things like following directions, following procedures, receiving compliments, making good choices, bringing your homework folder to school every day, staying on purple and many other things!  Every other Monday you will get to go shopping and spend your "banana bucks" .  YEAH!