8th Grade Mathematics

ABOUT ME: (Mrs. Roof-Partin) smiley

  • I graduated from Southwest Texas in San Marcos; with a B.S. degree in Mathematics, along with a minor in Education and Business.  I have been teaching for 10 years. I have taught everything from 6th grade math, 7th grade math, 8th grade math, high school Algebra 1, high school geometry; (Pre-AP, Regular, and below grade level classes.)  I have also been for two years the Academic Math Coach at Pat Neff Middle School.  Along with teaching I have been apart a writing the Middle School (6 -8) Math Curriculum for Northside.  I am currently working a double Masters in Admindsition and Curriculum & Instruction.

Quick Notes:

(2nd 6 Weeks)

  • Student Holiday (Monday October 08, 2012)
  • 8th Grade Math Benchmark (Thursday October 11 and Friday October 12, 2012)
  • Early Release (Friday October 19, 2012)
  • Unit 1 Assessment #3 (Tuesday October 23, 2012) - Proportions/Non-Proportions
  • Unit 1 Assessment #4 (November 04, 2012) - Rational Numbers

My Schedule:

1st Period: 8th Grade Mathematics

2nd Period: Conference

3rd Period: 8th Grade Mathematics

4th Period: 8th Grade Mathematics

5th Period: 8th Grade Mathematics

6th Period: 8th Grade E-Advisory/F-Lunch

7th Period: 8th Grade Mathematics

8th Period: 8th Grade Mathematics

Tutoring Schedule:

(All students recieved a yellow pass the second day of school, which is good all year.  It was glue into their math journals.) 

Tuesday Morning (7:45am - 8:20)

Wednesday Afterschool (3:45pm - 4:30pm)

Thursday Morning (7:45am - 8:20am) - only for students who are ESL/LEP/Special Ed.  These students have a green pass.

Friday Morning (7:45am - 8:20am)