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General Information:  Spring 2013


A student is tardy when the late bell for class rings.  Students who are not inside the classroom when the bell rings are considered late for class and must get a tardy slip from the office.  Three tardies are the maximum acceptable number.  The fourth tardy will result in a writing assignment, and the fifth will result in a recommendation for in-school suspension.  Remember that the Scott County School Board policy is that 3 late arrivals for school/class constitute one absence.


Work missed for any absence through six days may be made up within a specific time period. When you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what work you missed.  If assignments are not made up within the specified time period, then they will be zeroes.  Any absence over 6 days will result in failure of the class, as is consistent with school policy.  Work missed after the sixth day may only be made up in Credit Recovery.   Failure to complete Credit Recovery will result in failure of this class.  REMEMBER:  YOU NEED THIS CLASS TO GRADUATE!!!  If you know in advance that you are going to be absent (ex. fieldtrip, doctor’s appointment, etc.), please let me know.  This is especially important if this absence will put you over on days. 


After getting to know each other, this class will be placed in a seating chart.  Occasionally I will change your seating arrangement.  I choose your seat based on what will create the best learning environment for the whole class.  If you have a preference in seating, you can certainly tell me; however, requests like "I want to sit by my friend" or "I want to have a foot prop" or "I like sitting in the back," won't have much influence in where you are placed.

Leaving the Classroom

I do not limit the amount of times students may go to the bathroom.  However, students should use the bathroom before class begins, and if students begin to abuse the privilege to freely use the bathroom, then that privilege will be revoked.  I also reserve the right to determine if a more appropriate time for a bathroom pass is necessary.  Additionally students may be allowed to leave the classroom on occasion to retrieve forgotten books, homework, etc.  Students WILL NOT be allowed to leave class to attend to personal business, including but not limited to:  getting something to eat or drink, delivering a message to a student or teacher, making up assignments for another teacher, getting homework for another class, putting books into their locker before the bell rings.  Students may not line up to leave class early (example getting ready for lunch or the end of class).   Students who are out of their seats before the bell rings will cause the entire class to be held after the bell rings.

Teacher Absence

In the event that I am not present, I will leave an assignment with a substitute teacher.  That assignment is due at the end of the class period.  Your behavior during my absence should be beyond reproach.  Any misbehavior during my absence will result in severe punishment. 

Classroom Rules

All of our classroom rules center around the idea of being respectful to each other.  In addition to school and system wide rules, these guidelines will govern our behavior in class.

  • Be to class on time.
  • Be prepared for class.  Have all of your items ready before the tardy bell rings.  This includes pencil/pen, paper, notebook, textbook, and board items.  Each day when students enter the classroom a list of supplies students will need for the day will be posted on the board.  It is the responsibility of students to have these items out BEFORE the tardy bell rings.
  • Be considerate when others are speaking.  Don't talk when someone else has the floor.  There are times when many people are trying to answer a question or participate in a class discussion, and that's ok.  But you should not be having personal conversations while the rest of us are trying to learn.
  • Be aware of personal space.  Make sure that you have permission to use items belonging to others or before going through others’ things.
  • Be positive and friendly in your interaction with others.  Avoid calling names or using inappropriate language.  Be nice. Say please and thank you.
  • Be ready to participate in class activities. Listen and follow directions.  Don't sleep or talk during films we may watch in class.  Don't be disruptive.
  • Be honest.  Complete your own homework assignments, projects, tests, and quizzes.  If you do something wrong, don't lie about it.  That only makes it worse.
  • Be ready to have fun.  Come in with a positive attitude, and be ready to participate in your learning.

Consequences for Failing to Follow Class Rules:  The following steps will be taken with students who do not follow the rules. However, based on the severity of the offense, I reserve the right to move to a higher level of consequence.

Lack of Preparation for Class/Violating Personal Space/Belongings/Being Inconsiderate to the Speaker/Using Inappropriate Language/Disruptive Behavior

First Time:  A warning

Second Time:  A conference with me during your lunch

Third Time:  A writing assignment

Using Inappropriate Language/Disruptive Behavior

Fourth Time:  A letter home and an additional writing assignment

Fifth Time:  In-school suspension

Sleeping in Class

First Time: A warning

Second Time:  A writing assignment

Third Time:  A letter home and an additional writing assignment

Fourth Time:  In-school suspension

Being Dishonest in your Class Work

This infraction has only one set of consequences.  Students who cheat on their homework will receive a failing grade on the assignment and I will send a letter home to your parents.  Keep in mind that copying from someone else's paper or work is considered cheating.  Plagiarism is also cheating.  There is a difference between helping someone with homework or working on an assignment together and cheating.

Notebook (200 points)

Each student is required to keep a notebook for class.  Notebooks should be separated into the following sections:  Notes, Tests/Quizzes, EOC Coach, and Review Materials.  Notebooks that are not formatted in these sections will not be graded and will be given a zero.  Toward the end of each 9 week grading period, I will take up your notebooks and grade them.  Make sure you are prepared and that your notebook is in order.  The most efficient way to keep your notebook is to put everything in it as you go, placing the newest items on top.  If your work is kept in order by date, I can often tell you what day it was assigned or due in case of any missing assignments.  Make sure that your notebook has your name on the outside.

Social Studies Tutoring

Students who wish to improve their US History grade may attend social studies tutoring.  During tutoring, students will be given missing assignments to make up or will be given previous assignments where students did not score well.  Students may also attended tutoring in order to receive additional preparation for the EOC.

Extra Credit Opportunities

Throughout the semester, I will offer several different extra credit opportunities.  These opportunities are present on (some but not all) tests and quizzes.  Sometimes they are separate assignments all together.  Extra credit opportunities are also offered for events such as Parent-Teacher Conferences and Spirit Week.

Class Schedule: Spring 2013

1st period:  US History

2nd period:  Planning

3rd period:  US Government

4th period:  US History

**Remember:  US History and US Government are required for graduation.

Contact Information for Mrs. Hallmail


Phone:  663-2801 (between 10:00-11:15 a.m.)

To schedule a conference:  call SHS Guidance Office