Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules 

Be in the room and seated before the final bell rings.

Bring assignments, books, pencils, and paper to class everyday.

Keep hands, books, and objects to yourself.

Do not bring food, drinks, or gum to class.

Do not bring CD players, iPods, or video games to class.*

Do not have cell phones on in the classroom.*

Raise your hand and receive permission to speak or leave your seat.

Be respectful of teacher and other students.

Follow teacher’s instructions.

 Negative Consequences:

1st Offense-Warning

2nd Offense-Phone call to parents/Detention

3rd Offense-Parent conference

4th Offense-Referral to Asst. Principal

 *CD players, iPods, cell phones, etc. visible in my class will be confiscated immediately, without prior warning.  Items may be picked up in seven days (two weeks for 2nd offense, three weeks for 3rd) from the day they were confiscated. After the third offense, the item may not be picked up until the end of the school year. 



          Work to be handed in must be done on loose leaf notebook paper.

          All final drafts must be written neatly and legibly (or typed) in black or blue ink, on the front side of the page only, on white paper only, double spaced, 12 font, full name, class, and date in upper right-hand corner of page.

          Assigned work must be received on the due date (in class when I ask for it) to receive credit.  Students with an excused absence may hand in the work for full credit in accordance with district policy.  Unexcused late homework will be accepted (in class when I ask for it) one day after it is due. The score on unexcused late homework will be reduced one grade level.  The above applies only to homework.  Longer, more extensive assignments must be handed in on the due date or will receive a zero.

          Students and parents may check on assignments or leave messages by calling me at home or on my cell phone.  Check with me for the numbers.  My e-mail address is 


          Daily assignments and homework comprise 20 percent of the final grade.

          Tests, essays, creative writing assignments, reports and projects comprise 80 percent of the final grade.

          Grading Scale:  90-100  A

                                  80-89   B

                                  70-79   C

                                  60-69   D

                                  0-59     F



          McDougal Littell Literature 9

          Writer’s Choice 9


·        A large binder with tabbed dividers

·        Loose leaf notebook paper

·        A notebook of the student’s choice for journaling

 Fire Drill:

          Exit the classroom, turn right and go to the near (left) side of the middle staircase.  Descend to the first floor and exit

the front door.  Turn right to the playing field and assemble at the first tree on the right.  Stand together quietly and respond

when I call roll.  When the all-clear is given, return directly to the classroom.

 Security Drill:

          Exit the classroom, turn right and go to the near (left) side of the middle staircase.  Descend to the first floor, and

line up against the wall opposite the counseling office.  Await further instructions.