Jeremy Johnson Zabala: Executive Level Sales OPS Leader and Consultant

Jeremy Johnson Zabala: Executive Level Sales OPS Leader and Consultant
Jeremy Johnson has significant expertise providing strategic, consultative solutions that restore and grow positive reputations and generate increased revenue for the businesses he advises, leveraging technology. A seasoned expert running profitable call centers and internet start-ups, Jeremy is an adept and highly skilled sales and operations leader and entrepreneur with a keen focus on maximizing ROI for guests. He co-founded Zone Com Inc., a Microsoft keywords reseller and iBiz, LLC, the largest reseller of ELocal Listing (the spawn of Zone Com Inc.). Both companies were sold for seven figure stock and cash offerings. After selling iBiz, LLC, Jeremy went on to consult with various Google Venture teams and Internet start-ups as a strategic sales partner. Over the course of his tenure in business, Jeremy Johnson Zabala  has invested in and directed the development of full motion picture projects, real estate ventures and technology companies.

Zabala Farms, LLC Gets Purchased for Millions of Dollars.

Jeremy Johnson Zabala farms, has finalized its multi-million-dollar acquisition. As of now, the manager and members have consented to trade in their equity in favor of this deal. The current management of Zabala are very enthusiastic for the growth of the farm. Jeremy Johnson, who has been there since the beginning, is pleased to see that all of the hard work, many sacrifices, and hard lessons endured, have come to positive a conclusion. 

Co-initiator, Todd Johnson agrees that standing behind the new ownership is a long step towards a brighter future for his family and the other interested investors. He expressed satisfaction in the worthwhile long fight to survive and believes that the end game is to ultimately thrive.

In the face of big challenges from so many directions, ZabalaFarms proves to be an asset that may lead many of its members who chose to remain with the new managers, rather than accepting a structured buyout, to a bright future. Regardless of a bumpy past, it’s clear that ZabalaFarms is aiming aggressively towards strong profitability.

A Great Win for Zabala Farms, LLC, Jeremy Johnson and Todd Johnson.

The farm has a new management team who is proving to be a positive driver behind this beautiful operation after recently purchasing all the equity from its investors, via a multi-million-dollar structured deal. The new managers are working strategically to conclusion and are eager towards setting up Zabala for strong positive future growth. 

This news comes as stark contrast to other articles written claiming that this operation was anything but a prime asset ready and poised for amazing growth. The fact that another team conducted intense due diligence resulting in a major acquisition stands as testimony to the value and potential of this beautiful complex. 

None of this could have been possible without the vision, patience, and sacrifice of the members, who have undoubtedly trudged a rough road to get to this stage. Most of the current members are opting to convert their equity into other operations run by the current managers, while a portion have accepted a structured payout. 

It will be interesting to see what comes to fruition for Jeremy Johnson Murrieta of Salinas and all who are working together for its success.