Ms. J's Classroom

Welcome to Ms. J's Classroom PageSmile
For the school year of 2010 - 2011 I hope to teach the students to the best of my ability while forming lasting relationships. I am a teacher first and foremost, and I have great respect for my job. I commit myself to my students and I know we will have a successful year!
Since it is still summer vacation, I have not finialized my lesson plans. But as the year continues you can expect the following to be updated and dsiplayed on this website:
  • Upcoming assignments (as far in advance as possible)
  • Any school activites coming up (pep assemblies, sports games, PTA meetings, etc.)
  • You will be able to log in with your parent/student username and view your child's grades and progress
  • ---and I will be leaving comments as much as possible on assignemnts for you to read and review
  • A suggestion submission box where you can submit suggestions or requests for a teacher meeting with me (and this suggestion box will be seen by me only)
Classroom Rules:
  • Tardy policy of 3 tardies before detention
  • Cell phones: 1 warning, second time I take it for the remainder of the day, third time you attend detention
  • Respect is vital: I will respect you and as a class, we can work together to help plan certain assignemnts and discuss goals in the classroom. It is not a dictorship. Your input and opinion matter to me!