Internet Safety

What is Internet Safety?


Internet Safety is protecting the user’s personal safety against security risks to private information while using the internet.  Many educators are surprised that students aren’t aware of potential dangers. Schools are now faced with challenges concerning internet safety.


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How do we keep students safe?


Students are active users of digital devices and digital information. Teachers need to educate students on the benefits and potential risks when using the internet. (Minjeong and Dongyeon, 2018).


Leading Internet Risks and Threats

Students are confronted with many hidden risks when using the internet. Online predators are becoming more prevalent and their methods are devious. Cyberbullying is also a problem. Many students are being victimized by their peers through the internet. File-sharing abuses, invasion of privacy, and potentially disturbing content are all negative aspects of the internet.

There are also risks to personal safety. Internet theft can compromise your personal information. This might lead you to be susceptible to hoaxes, fraud, and online phishing.

Many people might not be aware of the risks that can harm their computers. For instance, opening emails from an unknown source might infect your computer with worms or a virus. Trojan horses and Spyware are also things that can cause damage to your computer.

Therefore, it is important for people to be informed about internet safety and the risks and threats that are apart of our digital world. (Ptacek,2017)

Student Safety Tips


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Technology is constantly changing and evolving. Education is key to helping students maneuver safely through a digital world.




Additional Resources

 The following are a list of picture books that highlight internet safety to young students, but also serve as a reminder for older ones. (Mattson, 2018)






Parent's guide to the internet



Safety Resources

Organizations dedicated to Internet Safety:



Common Sense Media

Internet Safety 101

Stop Cyber Bulling

Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety

Cyber Wise



Digital Citizenship Games

Online games teaching digital citizenship and internet safety skills:













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