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 Classroom Technology Rules

Classroom Technology Rules


Students are actively engaged in their learning when technology is incorporated into the curriculum. Using the internet as a learning tool requires teachers to add a new set of rules into their classrooms. Teachers need to establish clear guidelines as to how technology is to be used.

(Sanders, 2014)

Computer Rules


Computer rules need to be established so that students can maximize their usage in the classroom.


Computer Rules for the Classroom

  1. Students should not eat or drink near the computer 
  1. Remind students to print only when needed 
  1. Students should save their work often 
  1. Passwords and usernames shouldn’t be shared 
  1. Students should not change computer settings unless instructed 
  1. Remind students to only go to teacher approved websites 
  1. Students should be respectful of others and work quietly. 
  1. Remind students to always log off  


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iPad Rules

Using iPads allows learning to expand beyond the four walls of the classroom. Students gain the benefits of individualized instruction while using an iPad. (Hu,2011)


  • Provide clear guidelines 
  • Explain that the camera needs to be used for educational purposes only 
  • Remind them to close out of all apps/sites 
  • Eliminate distractions by having set lesson plans with designated sites 
  • Allow students to publish 
  • Consider Project-Based Learning 
  • Remind them to carry the iPads carefully 
  • Students should only go to approved sites or apps 

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Great Apps for iPads










Cellphone Rules


Cell phones can be a great learning asset when they are used for educational purposes within the classroom. (Sanders, 2014)

Provide Clear Guidelines

  • Establish a time when it is and isn’t an appropriate time to use your phone

  • Establish a class contract

Engage Students with the Technology

  • Provide students with interesting apps

  • Use apps as exit tickets

Monitor the classroom

  • Periodically walk the classroom to see if students are on task

  • Provide an area in the classroom where phones can be docked or stored if needed


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Additional Resources


Openly using cell phones during class as an instructional tool might facilitate a level of comfort for students to take cell phones out at inappropriate times. Here’s a tip to manage that potential problem.






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