Netiquette & Acceptable Use Policies

What is Netiquette?

Netiquette is a set of guidelines that help ensure polite online converstations.  The term was derived from internet and etiquette.  Traditional etiquette teaches society how to behave in social situations, and netiquette is the way someone should act in all online settings such as email conversations, social media sites, online gaming and many more.  



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Social Networking

A social network is an online community that brings people together.  On these social network sites, adults and teens keep in touch, make new friends, and collaborate. Social media is a very common way for today's teenagers to communicate (Hope).



Parent Social Network Resource


STOP and THINK before you post on social media. Once it is on there it can NEVER be deleted!!


Tips for parents on social networking


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The use of technology to tease, harass, threaten another person.  Cyberbully generally happens among school aged children (Hirsch).


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Parent resoucses for cyberbullying







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