My Philosophy

I believe that children are our future and I teach because I love to teach. I believe that every child needs a teacher; that is how we all learn. We as adults can pass on the knowledge, skills, experiences and wisdom we have learned to the younger generations. We are here to be an example and lead our youth to pursue their dreams.  It is the most rewarding experience to help a child who is confused about a problem light up when he finally understands he is doing.  I teach children the basic fundamentals of learning. I teach them that we may not all learn the same but we will figure out ways to help those who struggle in certain areas in the curriculum. I teach them to be positive and to never say they can’t but that they can. It might not always take the first try, but through putting our thinking caps on and putting more effort, we can succeed. I teach them to always set a goal for everything they do, even in the least mundane task. My objective is to teach the children that they can achieve anything if they put their minds to it. It might be the most cliché statement, but it can work if they are taught to be positive. In my class the students will be able to complete all their assignments and feel comfortable asking questions if they do not understand something.  By the end of the year, my class will have achieved positive thinking skills and as for the academic side, they will be able to write complete sentences using proper punctuations and understand the place values along with many other subjects. I understand not all children learn the same. Some catch on quicker than others. I know first hand how that is like as I had a learning disability as a child. I will do my best to help guide the students to reach their individual goals.