Evidence of Reporting to Parents

 Evidence of Reporting to Parents

This letter was developed for a hypothetical school reflecting my ability to report and communicate classroom activity effectively with parents/caregivers.


Glen View Valley Primary School

58 Challis Drive, Glen View, NSW 2188

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Dear Parent/Caregiver,

This term 6C will be studying the topic ‘Changes,’ which falls under the strand of Growth & Development in the Personal Health and Development (PDHPE) syllabus. With students starting high school next year they will be undergoing some major life changes.  This topic aims to address some of the physical, social, and emotional changes students will face in adolescence, with particular focus on beginning high school. Students will learn strategies to cope with, and manage change, and support networks which they can access. While studying this topic, students will further develop the key PDHPE skills of; Communicating, Decision Making, Interacting, and Problem Solving (NSW BOS, 2006, 18). Students will also develop the key PDHPE values of; sense of own worth and dignity, and enjoying a sense of belonging (NSW BOS, 2006, p. 20). At the conclusion of this topic, students will be able to identify social, emotional and physical life changes, prepare for these changes, and have appropriate strategies and support networks to manage these important life changes.


In order to supplement the work being done in this unit, students will be viewing the video ‘Changes’ (2004) which is part of the ABC Education Series ‘Being Me.’  This video examines change as a normal part of life, which may present some challenges. Changes which affect young peoples’ lives are examined; starting high school, childhood to adolescence, and moving interstate. The programme also presents students with strategies to assist in managing change, or preparing for change. This video will be viewed in the first lesson and the content will be used throughout the unit.


Knowledge regarding this topic will be further assisted by an across the grade talk from the school counselor and a class talk from the local high school principal. During these talks students will have the opportunity to voice any questions or concerns they might have regarding high school, or any other changes occurring in their lives. Students are also reminded of the support networks available within the school/community for assisting them in dealing with change.


The following resources may assist you in developing your own ideas regarding the topic, and assisting your child in managing the changes in their life:

This website has recently been released by the NSW DET and is well worth a read in order to assist and prepare your child for high school.

  • Bennett, D., & Rowe, L. (2003). What to do when your children turn into teenagers. Sydney: Doubleday.

This book has been written with parents in mind! The text provides parents with a number of strategies and supports for dealing with children as they negotiate the changes from childhood to adolescence.

  • ABC Education. (2004). Changes.  In Being Me [Video]. Sydney: ABC Education TV.

This video will viewed in class, however is well worth watching to supplement work being done in the classroom.


If you have any queries or concerns regarding this topic or video, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Looking forward to a successful term!



            Jessica Coughlan