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Element Seven

Element Seven: Teachers are Actively Engaged Members of their Profession and the Wider Community
I have...
During my professional experiences I have sought to communicate regularly and effectively with parents and caregivers. Working at Shelley Public School in 2008 I assisted in the running of the school Athletics Carnival, during this time I communicated with parents regarding events and issues of the day, and contributed to the smooth running of the event. Thus, illustrating my ability to contribute to the wider school community. Additionally, I have developed mechanisms for communicating with parents/caregivers on a regular basis and engaging them in the learning process. This highlights my understanding of the crucial link between the home and school environments.
I have also demonstrated these traits in community experiences. While coordinating the gymnastics program at Bernie Mullane Sports Complex in 2007 I planned and implemented a fundraising event to raise money for new equipment. This involved liaisoning with parents, participants, staff and members of the wider community to seek cupport and assistance. Coordinating such an event made me realise the importance of developing effective community support networks. Additionally, in my work as a gymnastics coach at Loreto Normanhurst and Tara Anglican School I liaison with parents on a daily basis to inform them of their child's achievements and progress.
Throughout my practicum experiences I have sought to adhere to and interact with the appropriate statutes and regulations (for example, the NSW DET's, 'Policy for Protecting Children and Young People' (2004) and 'Student Welfare Policy' (1996)) regarding teacher responsibilities and student rights.
I need...
On the coming professional experience I need to seek every opportunity to report student progress to parents and caregivers. I also need to address relevant NSW DET policy in my teaching and learning programs.
I will...
To achieve the above goals I will need to negotiate appropriate times, to report to parents/caregivers during my practicum experience,with my supervising teacher. I will also seek to address relevant policy in my teaching and learning programs through assistance with my tertiary mentor and supervising teacher. I may also be requied to revise my knowledge of these policies.
I believe...
Upon entering a school I become a part of a community, as a member of the community it is my responsibility to be an active participant inside and outside of the school context. This concept represents my belief that educator's have a responsibility in the holistic development of their students. Thus, additionally teachers must maximise all partnerships withtin this community for the benefit of the students.
Jessica Coughlan, 2009
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