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Hello, my name is Mrs. Perez and I am your child's Third grade teacher. It's a pleasure to work with you on your child's educational journey. This website will guide you with a weekly subject outline, Home Learning, dates to remember, and imporant reminders. The best way to get in contact with me is via email:

Thank you!

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Reading/ Language Arts

Reading Wonders (available in student portal)

Unit 5 Week 5

  • Comprehension Strategy: Ask and Answer QuestionsImage result for book clipart
  • Comperehension Skill: Cause and Effect
  • Vocabulary Strategy: Homophones

Spelling/Vocabulary words:

Spelling: pilot, favor, cover, tiny, silent, diner, lemon, shady, label, spider, tiger, planet, robot, cozy, frozen

Vocabulary Words: renewable, energy, natural, pollution, produce, replace, sources, traditional


Chapter 12: Two-Dimensional Shapes/ Reviewing for FSA Math                       Image result for math clipart

ScienceImage result for science clipart

Essential Question: How do scientists classify animals?



Social Studies

Essential Quesion: Why do prices change in our economy? Image result for social studies clipart

Home LearningImage result for homework clipart

  • i-Ready Reading (15 minutes) Monday-Friday
  • i-Ready Math (15 minutes) Monday-Friday
  • Reflex Math (15 minutes) Monday-Friday
  • Read daily for 20 minutes
  • Spelling/ Vocabulary Homework varies by week (see agenda)


  • Please check Home Learning folder daily for paper-based Home Learning and important documents sent home.
  • Please check agenda daily and sign after checking Home Learning each day
  • Please supervise your child while doing interactive programs on the computer and be sure that each (i-Ready) lesson is passed with a 70% or more.

Dates to Remember & Important RemindersImage result for remember clipart


  • FSA Mathematics (May 6 & 7)
  • Make sure your child is present on both these days
  • i-Ready AP3 Reading/Math test (May 20 & 22)
  • Memory book on sale for $25- Bring money in envelope