Classroom Management

Classroom Rules:

1. Looking Eyes

2. Listening Ears

3. Quiet Mouths

4. Helping Hands


How will we track my behavior ?

In our classroom, we will use a behavior tracking method with cards. Each child will have a card that starts on the color green each morning. If a rule is broken they will move their card down to yellow. If the behavior continues they will continue to move down the scale to orange and finally to red. There will be a sheet in each child's folder that will show the color they were on for the day that the parent will required to sign each night.

I will focus most on rewarding good behavior. To do this I will use a program called class dojo. Not only will this be exciting for your child it will show you throughout the day how you child is doing. You can create an account with us and view your child's behavior throughout the day. This program is based on a point system they receive points for positive actions and can also have points taken away for negative. Although I will use it mostly for positive reinforcement. After so many points are reached they will start to earn rewards.

25 points- Candy box

50 points- Treasure "toy" box

75 points- Extra Recess

100 points- Lunch with the teacher