Ms. Jessica's Classroom


Welcome to Kindergarten. This is a great transition for you and your child and I hope to help make it as exciting as possible. My name is Jessica Sidebottom and I wanted to let you know how excited I am to meet with you! In my classroom I place extreme importance on every child's success. I believe that every child can succeed with the right method and approach and finding that approach is my duty. I also believe that learning should be challenging, but fun and enjoyable for children. I think that students learn more when they are having fun and engaging in classroom activities. So, with this being said my classroom will be an inviting environment that will promote learning through fun and hands on activities. I am devoted to building upon the knowledge your children already have and ensuring their success.


Before school starts we will have an open house where you can meet with me and ask any questions you may have about our upcoming year. This will also be a time for you to complete paperwork and tour our wonderful school building. Children can sometimes be very nervous when coming into a large building they are not familiar with and this time will allow them to look around and see where they will be spending their time as well as meet other children in our classroom! I look so forward to meeting each and every one of you!


Kindergarten is a exhilarating experience for children and I want your child to be able to participate through every activity. With this being said attendance is a crucial part of learning. I want your child to reach their full potential and beyond, so I simply ask you to send your child to school.  

Volunteers are always welcome in our classroom. We love to see parents get involved in their child's learning. The only thing I ask is parents to go through the office requirements before hand as well as not taking photos of children while lending a hand in our classroom. Hope to have you visit, soon!