Ms. Brown/Chancey's Champions!

*Spelling Lists for 4th and 5th grade as well as vocabulary lists will be posted on Monday mornings!

*Science- we are working on life cycles

*Writing- we are working on editing

*Social Studies- we are working on Florida studies

*Math- Multiplication facts

*Reading- please help us improve your child's reading skills by having them read 30 minutes daily. 


5th Grade Spelling

hilltop, grassland, footprint, handsome, landlord, partner, cockpit, fairground, address, fiddler, reckless, pilgrim, improve, instant, dolphin, orphan, concrete, complain, district, although

5th Grade

humanity, inevitable, unheeded, enlightened, prevailing

4th Grade Spelling

center, once, dance, germs, spice, bridge, badge, circus, cement, glance, strange, police, certain, orange, ounce, ginger, wedge, arrange, sponge, village

4th Grade

enterprising, persistence, venture, identified, priority, devasting

Homework Weekly Schedule 2011-2012


Dear Parents,
Homework is a very important part of the educational process for our students. It is an extension of the daily learning experience that occurs in the classroom. Homework enables students to apply and practice new skills thereby promoting their academic success. Our class has homework each night during the week. This schedule can be posted on the refrigerator for the entire school year so all family members are aware of the expectation for the student.
Monday - Read for 30 minutes. It is very important that students log their reading daily. The returned signed reading log will count as a semester grade.The reading Log is located in the All Star Binder. Completete Math Practice Sheet. Write Spelling words in alphabetical order.
Tuesday - Read for 30 minutes. Complete the grammar worksheet. Write an essay on the given topic. It must be 3-5 paragraphs long.\

Introduction Paragraph – This paragraph is the attention grabber that tells the reader the main idea of what you are writing about. It provides a brief glimpse of the three supporting details of the body of the paper.3 Support Paragraphs – These paragraphs will discuss in detail three reasons or three events that the story gave us a glimpse of in the first paragraph (one in each paragraph). Each paragraph will be a mini story using lots of details  telling about each subtopic. (3 Big Ideas)

Conclusion Paragraph - This paragraph  will close the story. It will wrap up the entire essay for the reader.


Wednesday - Read for 30 minutes. Write spelling words three times each. Complete Science Assignment. Complete a math facts sheet.   
Thursday – Read for 30 minutes. Students are required to complete a Current Event Activity each week. It is very important that children have an awareness of the events taking place in the world around them. The topics should include information relating to Social issues or science issues that is effecting our world. Complete a spelling pretest using your spelling words in the agenda.
Friday – Read for 30 minutes. Remember to complete the reading log in the All Star Binder. I encourage Friday Family Game Night. Students can learn skills in sportmanship, manners, fairness and cooperation by participating in fun activities with his or her family. The new spelling list is in your child’s agenda for next weeks words.