About the Teacher

About the Teacher

NAME: Mrs. Jesmin Tamargo

SCHOOL: Bob Graham Education Center

CLASS: Kindergarten Grade Room 119 @ the PLC

SCHOOL PHONE: 305-231-8778


"Teacher of all Things"

My name is Mrs. Tamargo. Please let me tell you a little about myself.
I have an Associates in Arts Degree from Miami Dade Community College in
Drama/Drama Education (1987). I am also a licensed Cosmetologist. I graduated
from Florida International University with a Bachelors Degree in Elementary
Education (1994) and then received my Masters Degree in Pre-K Primary
Education from Nova Southeastern University (1999).

I was hired by Miami Dade County Public Schools during the 1994-1995 school
year as a kindergarten teacher at Palm Springs North Elementary. During my
first year teaching I was chosen as the Sallie Mae Beginning Teacher of the
Year, and I was named the Region 1 Winner for MDCPS. During the 1999-2000
school year, I received the honor of being chosen by my co-workers as PSN's
Teacher of the Year. I remained at PSN for 7 years until the school became so
overcrowded that a new school had to be built in the area, which we all now know as Bob Graham
Education Center.

Bob Graham Education Center officially opened its doors during the 2002-2003
school year. I have been working here as a kindergarten teacher ever since. I
was certified as a National Board Teacher in Early Childhood/Generalist
throughout the 2004 - 2014 school years. My colleagues chose me to represent
Bob Graham Education Center as their Teacher of the Year for the 2008 school
year. To my surprise, I also became BGEC's teacher of the Year District

During the 2014-2015 school year, I decided to make a change and taught second
grade. Many colleagues told me, "once you leave kindergarten you will never
want to go back." However, I must be the exception to the rule, because
although my 2nd grade students loved me, and I loved them, my heart was not
into teaching 2nd grade. I missed my babies, as I call them, and was ever so
eager to return to my happy place; kindergarten!

During the 2015- 2016 school year, I happily returned to teaching kindergarten right back here at the PLC in the exact same classroom (119) where I started when the PLC was first built and was part of Palm Springs North Elementary. I absolutely love it here! This school year however, I did move to another room (120).  We will be starting our school year off from our homes this school year, but hopefully we can return to our physical classroom soon.  

After having taught kindergarten for 20 years, why would I have ever contemplated a change? I found
out the hard way;  the grass is not always greener on the other side, and that
teaching Kindergarten is my passion!!!! It is my niche in life. When you truly
love what you do, it really makes a difference in your entire life.

My plans are to remain a kindergarten teacher and continue to impact these wonderful 5 and 6 year olds until retirement; right here at the PLC, God willing.

Outside of being a teacher, I am also happily married. This year my husband
and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary. I truly have been blessed. I
am a mother of two. I have a 20 year old daughter who  will be getting her Associates Degree at Miami Dade College this year.
I also have an autistic 17 year old son who is a junior (11th grader) at West Broward
High School in Broward County who has already started his distant learning from home, so I will be multitasking. He really does require that extra support in the physical classroom. This will be quite challenging for me as a teacher working from home and tending to my special needs child, just as I am sure a lot of my parents will be tending to their child or children as well. I totally understand what you will be experiencing and we will get thru this together. I want to be able to be as flexible as I can be with you all.

I love to sing, dance, relax, and listen to music (before becoming a teacher I worked
in a salon as a Cosmetologist doing manicures, pedicures, facials, waxings, make up, etc. (hair was NOT my forte) and I was also a lead singer in a band). I love the theater! I enjoy watching movies and reading and I have a passion for teaching kindergartners.

This school year I will be entering into my 26th year of teaching. It is a historical time with it being the first time ever that I begin the school year teaching remotely so I feel like a "first year teacher" all over again in a way. We teachers at MDCPS are all learning a new platform along with all of our students and parents. We are all in this together. We will make it work. I am going to once again give it my all and then some, to instill a strong and firm foundation in your children in order to prepare them for first grade. With your support and cooperation we can work together as partners in order to enhance your child's education. Hopefully we will enter Phase 2 of this pandemic soon, and be able to physically return to our classroom. However, even going to school physically will be a lot different than it used to be, so we will all have to abide by all the neccessary precautions (wearing masks, social distancing, washing our hands consistantly) to stay safe and healthy so that hopefully we can go back to our "normal" ways of interacting  with each other much sooner rather than later.

"Oh, The Places You'll Go"

The Bob Graham Education Center's learning Community strives to provide the
means for all of its students to meet with success both academically and in
all life's endeavors.