Scholastic Book Club orders


            As the school year begins, many of you are asking how you can help your child in reading and language arts. One of the best ways is to surround your child with literature. I am happy to announce that our class will be taking part in Scholastic book clubs which will help you do just that.

            The club’s a names are Kindergartners,   SeeSaw  and/or Firefly and they are published by Scholastic Books. Ordering books is easy and can be done whenever your child brings home the order forms (which will be once a month). After you and your child select books that appeal to you, just log on to the scholastic website and enter our class code:  GYLXN.  The books will arrive at the school in about two weeks after the order is placed, at which time I will distribute them to the students.

            Allowing your child to select books will give them the confidence they need to begin reading. Everyone benefits when you purchase books through Scholastic, because you are saving yourself some money (the books are offered at a discounted price); helping our classroom library grow (Scholastic donates books after a certain number of orders); and, most importantly, you will be giving your child the gift of literature which is an excellent way to instill in your child a love for reading!

            Purchasing books on a monthly basis is NOT an obligation; this is strictly your choice. However, if you do decide to place an order, please make sure that you PLACE YOUR ORDER NO LATER THAN THE DATE THAT IS STAMPED OR WRITTEN ON THE BOOK FORMS  (the due date is always stamped on the order form). Thank you so much for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at:

                                                                          Mrs. J.Tamargo