2nd Period Syllabus - History through the Decades


In this class, the student will be researching an interest of their choice such as but not limited to: food, fashion (clothing / make up), education, fitness, movies, music, sports, famous people, politics (wars / presidents /scandals), art, technology (inventions / medical), books (comics / magazines), religion, architecture, and cars in a particular decade.


The student will:

  1. create a daily journal of their research on their chosen topic.
  2. include 5 vocabulary terms on their topic in their weekly presentation.
  3. present their “decade” weekly in the form of a Google slide show, Powerpoint, Prezi, poster, video that they created, become the character, create the food or any other teacher approved presentation.


  • Attend and participate in class regularly.
  • Follow directions. Once in class, write in agenda. Students are to be seated before the tardy bell rings.
  • Display a positive attitude. Respect yourself and others.
  • Come to class prepared. Have the proper materials.
  • Ask questions when needed.
  • Use the restroom before or after class---not during class.

Course Materials:

  • Internet
  • Resource books such as:

Where Were You When?

The 20th Century Year by Year

The Century for Young People

Materials for Class:

  • Pen (blue or black ink) or pencil
  • Notebook paper (wide ruled preferred)
  • Agenda

Make-up Work:

  • Students are responsible for obtaining any missed assignment and turning it into the teacher.


  • Classwork (Vocabulary) = 25%
  • Homework (Daily Journals) = 35%
  • Test (Presentations) = 40%