The Journey West


The Journey West: A Web Quest of the Oregon Trail

By Jodi Francis


image photo : Covered wagons



Have you ever wondered what the first pioneers saw as they traveled across the prairie on covered wagons?  Have you ever imagined the hardships and struggles that these first Americans faced as they blazed the trail for thousands to follow?  Imagine leaving all the things that you loved behind; your friends, your family, and your home.  The pioneers of the 1800's were adventurous and brave.  They traveled nearly 2,000 miles across the plains in covered wagons to the Oregon Territories. They faced sickness, starvation, and many other dangers on their long journey. Life as a pioneer was hard, traveling on covered wagons was rough and because of this most walked the entire journey.  For nearly 25 years men, women and children traveled from the east to the west in search of farmland, gold, and a new life.

Put yourself in the shoes of these pioneers who started on this adventure so long ago.  By working together as a group and starting your own wagon train, you can gain more understanding and respect for the hard task these families endured trying to fulfill their dreams.