Read first hand accounts of people actually on the Oregon Trail.  Diary entries and journals give you an accurate account of what it was like to travel on the trail.


Shows pictures of the Oregon Trail in 1843 during the peak time when settlers were traveling west, it also shows a modern day map, so you can relate nowdays on how far their journey actually was.


A timeline of one family (Simmons/Bush Party) that traveled down the Oregon Train from May 1844 until thier arrival in Oregon in October 1845 17 months later.


This shows life and death on the trail.  It tells of the sickness, hardships, weather problems that the pioneers faced during travel.


This shows all the supplies that you would have needed for your journey, it also helps you decide the most important items you would need.


Experience a simulated pioneer journey down the Oregon Trail! It makes you feel like you were really there.


Did the pioneers really have trouble with the Native Americans?  This website shows a little of what actually went on between the Native Americans and the pioneers traveling across the plains.


What was Oregon like after the settlers arrived? This gives a small glipse of what came after the long journey.