Classroom Expectations

Respect your fellow students and the teacher.  Do not talk when someone else has the floor.  Feel free to courteously share your ideas with the class.  We all learn from each other.
No question asked sincerely is ever a dumb question. 
Have books, notebook, paper and pen ready at the beginning of the period.  Be on time to class!  After 3 tardies, you will be referred to the office administrator.
Upcoming quiz/test dates and assignment due dates are also posted on the board. Check it every day and note dates in your agenda book.
Bring supplies to class EVERY day.  No exceptions! !
Written homework assignments are due at the beginning of the assigned class. 
The grade you EARN is the grade you will receive.   Do not ask me to give you points or "extra credit" at the end of the grading period.  You will have every opportunity to EARN your grade.
Please attend to personal needs-- restroom visits, locker visits, grooming, and drinks of water -- before you come to class. 
No electronic devices in this classroom.  Leave ipods, cell phones, etc. in your backpacks or they will be confiscated.
Dress code is in effect at all times. 
Social Studies class time is not available for homework completion or studying of other subjects.  Should I find you working on material for another class, I will collect it and dispose of it.  
I will not tolerate offensive, lewd, or insensitive remarks -- orally or in writing.