First Grade Homework Guide

Students will receive a monthly homework folder.  Inside the folder will be a calendar of the months homework activities.  As the assignment are completed each day the student will color the box indicating the completion of the assignment.

Each week the students must bring in their folder to be checked.  This will ensure homework is being completed. 

At the end of the month students will receive a prize for doing their homework.

Homework is checked for completion only.  No grade will be given.

If homework is NOT been completed for the month, the student will receive detention.

Reading Logs

The students will receive a reading log per month.  Instructions will be listed on the log.  The logs must be turned in at the end of each month and an incentive will be given.  In order to build fluency it is imperative that students read daily.

Reading Level Goals or as Follows:

Beginning of the Year-Level 4

Mid Year- Level 10

End of the Year- 16

Daily Duties

Students should read for 30 minutes and study math facts each day!