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Ms. Gherardi

7th Grade Social Studies

McCullough Middle School



Contact Information:


Phone: 302-429-4000 ext. 1250

Classroom: 125




Text and Materials

Core Textbook: Harcourt, Horizons: World Regions. [2003]

Note: The text will just be a resource used in the classroom. Other necessary materials will be provided.


Required Supplies:

·       Pencil or pen EVERYDAY

·       3 Ring Binder with five dividers

o   Labeled as follows: 1) Student Learning Maps, 2) Warm-ups, 3) Notes/Class Work, 4) Homework, and 5) Graded Work

·       Loose-leaf paper

·       McCullough Middle School Student Planner



Course Purpose

This social studies class will allow you to explore four regions of the world. We will investigate social, political, geographic, and economic patterns of Europe, Canada, Central America, and South America. On our journey, we will encounter new information through videos, primary sources, maps, and interactive activities. Get ready for a whirlwind journey.




My overall rule is that all students will show respect while in my room. The best learning environment is one in which everyone feels accepted for their individual differences and comfortable to take risks. Respect is a two way street. As your teacher, you can expect respect from me day in and day out. You will be treated as individuals; you will be appreciated for what you can offer this class, and valued as part of our learning family. In return, you must show the same respect towards your classmates and me.




Grades are based on a point system. Each assignment is worth a certain number of points and will be returned to you scored with the points you earned out of the total points possible. At the end of each marking period, I divide your total points by the total possible points in order to get your grade percentage. The grading scale based on the Colonial School District scale is as follows:

A: 93-100          B: 85-92       C: 77-84       D: 70-76       F: Below 70


Graded Items:

·       Tests

·       Quizzes

·       Homework

·       Class work

·       Group work

·       Projects/Written Assignments

·       Warm-ups (weekly)




If you are absent, you will be required to make up the work you missed. Copies of materials that were missed will be in the labeled folders located at the front of the room. You will be given the same number of days to make up the work as equal to the number of days you were absent.

Note: You are responsible for making up all warm-up questions. Warm-ups will be collected at the end of each week and every student is responsible for completing the warm-up for each day of the school week. You may refer to the website for these daily questions.



Behavior Policy

If a student is not meeting classroom expectations, the following procedures will be implemented:

·       Warnings (2)

·       Cool down chair

·       Phone call home

·       Detention and plan of action (teacher and student)

·       Phone call home

·       Referral