What did I miss in class when I was gone?

Now you can not only see what you missed, but while you are absent you can get a jump start on the missing assignment while you are out! This page will be updated almost everyday for you as the student. Along with this page being updated your Angel calendar will be updated as well. So you don't have any excuse for not knowing what happened in class!

Week of December 3rd:

Monday - Notes. Students then did questions #1-3 out of the workbook, pg. 55, with their LP (Learning Partner)

              No homework

Tuesday - Students were put into groups to begin working on Newspaper article

              Homework is for students to do any additional research on their Newspaper article

Wednesday - Students remained in groups working on Newspaper article

                    Homework is for students to put their finishing touches ont their Newspaper article

Thursday - Students presented their finished Newspaper article to the class

                No homework

Friday - D.E.A.R (Drop Everything and Read). Students then wrote a summary on Chapter 10 Lesson 2.

            No homework, enjoy the football game and the weekend!

 Week of December 10th:

Monday -

Tuesday -

Wednesday -

Thursday -

Friday -