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Please visit our classroom website often throughout the school year!  Here you will receive extra information about events happening in 3C and important upcoming school dates.  

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Please join us for Curriculum Night on September 1 at 6:00 PM


Today the students had their first spelling pretest!  Anyone receiving 20/20 on the pretest was sent a "challenge" list for the week.  All pretests will be given on Mondays and final tests will be given on Fridays.  If we are out of school on a Friday, the final test will be on Thursday.  

    Also sent home today was a "Speller Choice Board".  Each week, they will have a Speller Choice Board that is their spelling homework for the whole week.  It is required, that to earn full points, the students complete 4 of the activities on the Choice Board.  This allows them to complete one activity each night and return the the Choice Board and activities to school on Friday.  If a student wishes to complete more than 4 activities, I will give 1 extra credit point for each activity completed above the 4 required.  

I just wanted to let everyone know how this will work for the year :) 


                    August 16: Back to School Night at 6:00 PM

                    August 18: First Day of School - Noon Dismissal

                    August 19: Noon Dismissal

                    August 22: First Full Day of School - Hot Lunch Begins 

                    August 29: Free Dress Day for All