Syllabus - Physical Science


2008-2009 School Year 
Instructor:  Mr. John Graham                                                      
Phone:  Desk Phone: 850/245-3896Cell Phone: 850/251-3360
What You Will Learn in This Course 
This course will cover the physical concepts of force and motion, energy types, the transfer of energy, electricity, magnetism, light and sound waves, and the classification and properties of matter. Please review the estimate of our pacing through the class textbook for this school year, describing the subject material that we will cover and the approximate timeframes under the section labeled Course Outline  
Instructional Materials & Needed Supplies 
This course requires the following materials:     
-          Text: Physical Science published by Glencoe (furnished by the school and assigned to each student) 
You will need: 
-          Pens and pencils
-          A loose leaf binder, for organizing class hand outs (furnished by the school)
-          Loose leaf paper
-          Composition Book (100 page) Permanent thread binding
-     Basic calculator 

The following is an estimate of our pacing through the class textbook for the school year, describing the materials that we will cover and the approximate timeframes: 

Time PeriodActivity Description / Chapter / Subject Matter
1st Nine Weeks 
Week 1 – Aug 18-22Classroom Procedures / Pre-test / Lab Safety /
Week 2 – Aug 25 -29Nature of Science / Chapter 1 / Scientific Methods
Week 3 – Sep 1-5Motion of Objects  / Chapter 2 / Describing Motion
Week 4 – Sep 8-12Motion con’t / Chapter 2 / Acceleration, Motion and Forces
Week 5 – Sep 15 - 19Forces / Chapter 3 / Newton’s Second Law
Week 6 – Sep 22-26Rocks con’t / Chapter 4 / Igneous, Metamorphic, Sedimentary rocks
Week 7 – Sep 29-Oct 3Earth’s Energy and Minerals / Chapter 5 / Energy & Mineral Resources
Week 8 – Oct 6-10Views of  Earth / Chapter 6 / Landforms, Topography
Week 9 – Oct 13-17Weathering & Soil / Chapter 7 / Weathering & Erosion
2nd Nine Weeks 
Week 1 – Oct 20-24Erosional Forces / Chapter 8 / Erosion by Glaciers & Wind
Week 2 – Oct 27-31Water Erosion and Deposition / Chapter 9 / Surface, Ground, Oceans
Week 3 – Nov 3-7Plate Tectonics / Chapter 10 / Theory, Continental Drift
Week 4 – Nov 10-14Earthquakes / Chapter 11 / Features, Internal Forces, People
Week 5 – Nov 17-21Volcanoes / Chapter 12 / Types, Igneous Rocks Features
Week 6 – Nov 24 -28Clue’s to Earth’s Past / Chapter 13 / Fossils, Ages of Rocks
Week 7 – Dec 1-5Geologic Time / Chapter 14 / Early, Middle, Recent Earth History
Week 8 – Dec 8-12Mid Term Exam Review
Week 9 – Dec 15 -19Mid Term Exams
3rd Nine Weeks 
Week 1 – Jan 5-9Atmosphere / Chapter 15 / Energy Transfer, Air Movement
Week 2 – Jan 12 – 16Weather / Chapter 16 / Patterns, Forecasts
Week 3 – Jan 19-23Climate / Chapter 17 / Climate Types, Climate Changes
Week 4 – Jan 26-30Ocean Motion / Chapter 18 / Currents, Waves, Tides
Week 5 – Feb 2-6Oceanography / Chapter 19 / Mapping, Life, Pollution
Week 6 – Feb 9-13Our Impact on Land / Chapter 20 / Population, Conserving Resources
Week 7 – Feb 16-20Our Impact on Water and Air / Chapter 21 / Water Pollution, Air Pollution
Week 8 – Feb 23-27Exploring Space / Chapter 22 / Radiation, Past, Current, Future Missions
Week 9 – Mar 2-6FCAT Review
Week 10 – Mar 9-13FCAT Review
4th Nine Weeks 
Week 1 – Mar 16-20FCAT Exams
Week 2 – Mar 30-Apr 3The Sun-Earth-Moon System / Chapter 23 / Earth’s Moon
Week 3 – Apr 6-10Sun-Earth Moon con’t / Chapter 23
Week 4 – Apr 13-17The Solar System / Chapter 24 / Inner & Outer Planets
Week 5 – Apr 20-24 Solar System con’t / Chapter 24 / Other Objects in Solar System
Week 6 – Apr 27-May 1Stars & Galaxies / Chapter 25 / Stars, Sun
Week 7 – May 4-8Stars & Galaxies con’t / Chapter 25 / Evolution of Stars, Galaxies, Univ
Week 8 – May 11-15End of Year Wrap Up – Prep for Finals
Week 9 – May 18-22Finals Review
Week 10 – May 25-29Final Exams
Attendance in class is mandatory! If you are absent, you must check in with the instructor the very next day. It is your responsibility to get the work. Students will have two days for each day absent to submit make-up work assignments. Long term projects and papers are due on the original date the assignment is due. Excessive absences will be referred to the dean of students. 
Tardiness to class will not be tolerated. Consequences may include but are not limited to: community service, detention, or an administrative meeting if the problem persists. A late arrival to class can only be excused by a doctor’s note, an appointment record, or an FSUS employee’s note.
Classroom Rules         
  • Arrive on time to class and be seated by the official class start time, fully prepared with the required supplies and assignments, ready to learn. You will not be allowed to exit and re-enter the classroom to get materials after the official start time or to continually get up and down to get paper or sharpen pencils. 
  •  No one should be out of their seat moving around the room without permission.  
  • Students should raise their hands and wait to be called on to offer comments during class discussions. Comments should be pertinent and not off track or inappropriate. 
  • Listen to directions and follow them as given the first time, every time.
  • All assignments must be turned in. Complete all assignments neatly and turn them in on time.
  • Show respect for yourselves, staff, and others by using appropriate language, actions, and materials in the classroom. Singing, other noises, or comments that are not pertinent to the class discussion will not be allowed.
  • Make an effort to go to the restroom and get drinks prior to class, as you will not be allowed out of class except in case of a real emergency.
  • Work from the beginning of class till the end and wait for the TEACHER to dismiss you.  

Evaluation and Grading 

Your class grade average is calculated on a total point value and will be based on the following categories: 

Unit Exams & Projects  ..………………………                40%

Composition Book Journal …………………..                 20%

Lab Reports ................................................                20%     

Quizzes and Homework .. ……………………..               10%

School Binder Checks ………………………....               10% 

Cheating/plagiarism will result in a grade of zero (0) being assigned to all students involved. Copying someone else’s work is cheating, just as allowing someone to copy your work is cheating. 

Projects and Homework Assignments 

Projects and assignments are an integral part of this course, and they are due on the assigned date at the end of class. Assignments are not optional. All assignments will be completed, with or without credit. A “While You Were Out” book will be kept at the front of the class. The assignments will be kept in this book and it is the responsibility of the student to make up their work.  All work turned in, including homework assignments must have your name, date, reference number, and assignment description on it or you will lose ten (10) percentage points off the grade if one or the other is missing.  You are encouraged to work together to solve problems. However, you must complete your own work. You may not print or write work for someone else. Such actions are considered cheating and are subject to a grade of zero (0) as stated above.  Teacher


I am committed to the success of all students. I am available most days after school with the exception of Tuesday afternoons and will stay as long as necessary to help students and/or meet with parents. Before or after class, students may request a meeting time with me, or may call my cell phone (251-3360) or email: at any time. Parents may reach me through the same channels to set up a meeting.