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Weekly Plans

 Earth Science: Week of Sept 22: Beginning Chapt 3 (Minerals) Anticipated Test Date, Aug 1st  


Mon Sept 22

Ch 3, Sect 1- Mineral Characteristics; Vocabulary words – mineral, crystal, magma, silicate 

Hand Outs – Complete Study Guide for Chapter 3

CW: Review the characteristics of what determines that something is a mineral
HW: vocabulary words for the new chapter should be entered into the science journal
Tues, Sept 23Ch 3, Sect 1 – Mineral Formation; Six major crystal systemsCW: Review how crystals are formed and classified according to crystalline structure; Journal entry – Figure 5 on page 66
HW: None (unless journal entry was not finished in class)
Wed, Sept 24

Ch 3, Sect 2 – Mineral Identification; Vocabulary words – hardness, luster, specific gravity, streak, cleavage, fracture 

Hand Outs – Lab 2 Procedures

CW: Demo on identifying minerals through physical properties
HW: Review lab procedures
Thurs, Sept 25Ch 3, Sect 2 – Mineral Identification in the LabCW: Conduct lab 2
HW: None
Fri, Sept 26Ch 3, Sect 2 – Lab Report 2 Mineral Identification
Ch 3, Sect 3 – Uses of Minerals
CW: Organize the data from yesterday’s lab and follow the procedures for writing the lab report in the science journal; Review gems
HW: None (unless the lab report is not finished in class)


Physical Science: Week of Sept 22: Beginning Chapt 3 (Forces) Anticipated Test Date, Aug 1st  


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