Swinger's Community Helpers

Some Friends!

I went on some visits to see what some people do for jobs. Check out all the jobs I learned about on my visits.

October 23, 2009

new pipes Niko and Swinger group photo
Today Mr. Baltazar from Baltazar Construction came and explained to the class what they have been doing outside the school. They have been digging up the old sewer and water pipes. They are putting new ones in. At the same time, they are fixing the road. Mr. Baltazar told us that they had to dig down 18 feet in order to put the new water pipes in. The new pipes will give us clean water in our facets. We all had to wear hard hats when we were on the construction site for our own safety.

October 28, 2009

Today Swinger got to be principal for the day. He walked around to see some of the classrooms. He also worked on the computer for a while and spoke on the phone. We served meat pies for lunch and watched the students while they ate lunch. At the end of the day he helped with car line. After we left work we went to work out at the gym. We ran 4 miles and then went on the bike. We had a busy day. ~Mrs. Rose

November 4, 2009

My day with Sgt. Mendes of the Ludlow Police Department

Police Tahoe and Swinger             Swinger in the Tahoe                at sgt mendes office                    
"Swinger is getting a look     "Swinger is inside the     "Here, Swinger is sitting
at the Police Department's     Tahoe, trying to figure    at my desk in the Supervisor's
Tahoe. In the background       out what all the buttons   Office. The computer screen
are the Ludlow Police          and wires are for."        shows where each police officer
mountain bikes."                                          is, and what number police cruiser
                                                          they are assigned to. Each
                                                          police officer has a computer
                                                          in their police car. If Swinger
                                                          wants to, he can type a message
                                                          to any police officer that's working."

Swinger in dispatch                          LPSC Sign
"Swinger is sitting in            "Swinger is hanging around
dispatch. This is where all       the Ludlow Public Safety
the emergency calls are           Complex sign. This is a
answered, and then radioed        different way to say
to the police officers            The Ludlow Police Dept and
driving around the town. Boy,     The Ludlow Fire Dept. Police
is there a lot to do in here!"    Officers and Firefighters are
                                  all public safety workers."

November 9, 2009

nurse duties  nurse duties  nurse charts

Today I got to be a nurse for a day. I started the day with report from the night shift nurse. After the report I went to meet and assess my patients. I passes medications and did treatments. I charted on the computer. Throughout the day, I monitored my patients and provided other care they needed. I also went to a meeting and spoke on the phone. I enjoyed this busy day because I got to help others. ~Mrs. Costa

November 11, 2009

Today I went to work at the IMC office. I got a name tag and punched my time card. The phone needed answering and there was a lot of paperwork to do. I had yummy munchkins at break time. The ladies in the office showed me how to file and make copies. After watering the plants, the ladies game me a special award for helping them. ~Mrs. Ventura (Stephen's grandmother)

November 12, 2009

On November 12th 2009 Swinger came to hang around at the office of Leland D. Church Accounting and tax service. Swinger learned how to run the paper shredder. He helped my assistant Joanne, elecrtonic file tax returns on the computer. I let him play with my Tootsy toy collection. He then worked very hard filing. He did some entry on the computer. He swung on the lamp for exercise. He faxed many messages- Swinger delivered the mail. As payment he received three bananas for lunch. Thank you!  It was a pleasure to have him. ~Mr. Church (friend of Stephen's family)

November 13, 2009

Swinger spent Friday November 13th with Stephen's daddy. Stephen's daddy is in charge of the Dunkin' Donuts that his family owns. Swinger rode to work at the IMC office in Palmer. Swinger then had to go repair an Espresso machine, he was very helpful getting the tools. When we returned to the office Swinger had to replace the backup tape on our computer to make sure the information would be safe. The rest of the day was spent buried in paper work. There sure are a lot of different things to do each day when you work for Dunkin' Donuts. ~Mr. Ventura

November 17, 2009

Today, we at Engineering & Land Solutions, had a full day planned and were happy for the extra assistance Swinger provided. At first, we had to provide witnessing services for the town of Ludlow on a soil (DIRT) testin job. We observed another engineer perform the test for his client. The test included digging some deep holes to see where the bottom was. Swinger helped the backhoe operator with this. Next, we went to inspect the installation of a soil absorption system (septic system) with the assiciated site work. During our inspection, there were some boulders in the way, so Swinger jumped into the excavator and moved them out of our way. Then we had to survey (take measurements) of a site to locate a garage for a client and friend. Swinger learned quickly how to use the instrument and computed, as well as, how to hold the prism for good measurements. Finially towards the end of the day, Swinger helped me with the design and review on some architectural drawings of projects that we are working on. These projects included a house plan, a condo development with drainage and wetland work, some renovations at a local hospital and a structural engineering job (so the building will not fall down). With this said, I would like to thank the first grade class at St. John the Baptist for letting Swinger come to work with me.  ~Mr. Pietras

November 19, 2009

To our friends at Saint John the Baptist School:
Swinger had a great day at the Ludlow Fire Departmetn. He worked with us as a dispatcher, a paramedic, and a firefighter. We even caught him trying to drive the tower truck. We took some pictures of him and wanted to share them with you to see. The first pictures have Swinger answering the 911 phone and then dispatching the trucks. This is a very important job at our fire station. The second page of pictures shows Swinger working as a paramedic. He practiced starting an I.V., something that our paramedics do every day to help sick people. The third page shows firefighter Jan  getting a hand from Swinger with our firefighter education. Firefighters have to go to classes just like you all through their career to make sure they can do the best possible job possible. After helping firefighter Jan, Swinger practiced  using the Jaws of Life tools.  In the picture you can see Swinger using the big cutters. We use these cutters to help people who are stuck in their cars after a car accident. On the last page we caught a picture of Swinger trying to drive the tower truck. Firefighter Ryan caught him before he could drive away. We did let him Swing on the bucket of the tower truck to finish his busy day.
We had a lot of fun during Swinger's visit and we thank you for letting him come to our fire station. Chief Babineau said that Swinger was a very good firefighter and can come visit any time. We want to remind you to practice your fire safety drills at home with your parents and we will see you next year for fire safety week in your school.
Your friends,
Firefigher Ryan and Firefighter Jan

November 23, 2009

Today I got to spend the day at the Pharmacy. When I first got there I was a bit nervous so we all took a picture together. Theresea thougth she could get me to laugh for the picture by making a funny face. Then I thought maybe it would be fun afterall. The first job Ihad to do was check in the daily order for the day. These are medicines which most likely the pharmacy ran out of the day before. But before I started I asked what is it that a Pharmacist does. The answer got very confusing so the best way to describe it is a pharmacist help people to live healthier, loner, happier lives. So when someone gets sick, they go to the doctor. The doctor says "you need medicine to get better. Take the perscription to the pharamcy." The perscription is an order for the medicine. The pharmacist had to make sure everything is right before the order is given out. Once all the technical stuff is out of the way, I got to have a little fun. I had to fill an order for forty tablets. To finish quickly, I counted bu fives. After this I was a bit tired, so I took a little snooze, but not for long because someone came to the drive- thru window so I had to go help at the window. At the window, I got the chance to take the perscription andhave it ready before they returned. The order was for a little boy who had an ear infection so his doctor gave him a special medicine. We had to wait until his mom came back before we could mix the medicine. If the medicine gets mixed and is not used, it goes bad like sour milk. "Yucky yucky," is what i say. I was really excited because in order to mix the medicine, I had to add water to the bottle. The bottle says how much. But the fun is using the machine which is like an upside down water fountain. The label gets scanned and the wa ter comes out automatically. I needed help to hold the bottle though, just to make sure mothing spilled. Then I had to shake the bottle real well to mix it up and get it ready to go. I told his mom to shake it well at home and keep it in the fridge so that is doesn't go bad. It also smelled like oranges and bananas so I bet it tastes good too. After all oranges and bananas are some of my favorite things to eat. Then I rang up the order at the rgister. I entered the credit card so I didn't have to count again. I was a little sad because I was starting to have fun counting, it wasn't making me tired anymore. Finially it was the end of my shift. I was ready to go home. It was a very long day and I was very hungry because i didn't have lunch. But I still had a lot of fun. I hope I get to go back to the pharmacy someday. ~Mrs. Etti

Swinger’s Visit to Randall’s Farm
Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Today Mom brought me to work with her. She works at Randall’s Farm in the garden center department, or the greenhouse. A greenhouse is a building that lets in lots of light for plants. It also keeps them warm when it is cold outside. Since Christmas is coming there are many poinsettias. I also saw Christmas cactus, cyclamen, and many different green leafy plants. Our day started very early, at 6:30 in the morning. The first job we had to do was watering the poinsettias. Mom showed me how to tell if the plants need water by checking how dry the soil felt. Then it was time to open the store. Opening the store was not as easy as it sounded. Mom let me count the money for the registers. Next we unlocked all the doors. Then we counted the outside Christmas wreaths and decorations. The fans that circulate the heat at night are turned off. They were loud. Flower bouquets and plants are sold in the fruit stand, so those had to be restocked. Once all that was done, she said we were ready to help customers. Our next job was checking the order board. That is where new orders, completed orders, and incoming delivery messages are organized. We sent new orders to the staff that complete them. Completed orders are given a “once over”. Mom said that a “once over” was checking to make sure the order was done correctly. She was also expecting two deliveries of poinsettias. To help me, mom game me a lesson on selling the hot items for the season- Christmas trees, wreaths, and poinsettias. Wreaths were the easiest to remember. Plain undecorated wreaths are sold by size, so I just had to help customers find the size they wanted.  Decorated wreaths most customers pick the color of bow and decorations they like. Some customers asked me if the colors would look good on their front door. Christmas tree selling was fun and easy. Fun because I like to climb trees. Easy because there were only two types to remember- Fraser Fir and Balsom. Poinsettias selling hints were harder to learn. Mom sells twelve different colors that occur naturally  plus “Fantasy Poinsettia’s” that are white poinsettia’s spray with a dye to change the color to blue, purple, yellow, pink, or orange. Plus I needed to remind customers to keep the poinsettia warm on the way home. Lastly to put it in a sunny window and how to water it. When the first delivery truck of poinsettias arrived, I helped unload them. Again I was counting, this time to make sure we had received what we had ordered. Mom said we could have lunch after we unpacked and priced the plants. I was getting hungry. At lunch time, I met Maggie, who works with Mom. Maggie let me try her crackers. Mom asked Maggie to take a picture of us with one of the Christmas trees. After lunch, I helped where I was needed. Another delivery of poinsettias arrived for me to unload and price. I even had a chance to use the credit card machine at the cash register. Did I mention there was more counting at the cash registers? This time money. When the day ended I was tired. I didn’t know Mom did so much in one work day. It was many different little jobs. There was al it of counting. I enjoyed talking to the customers. Did I mention there was a lot of counting? ~ Mrs. Messier

December 3, 2009

I spent the day at the Bershire Hills Music Academy with Nathan’s mom, Mrs. Carreira. I had a great time singing songs and making a music program with Mrs. Carreira’s students. I played the grand piano in the Academy Great room too.

December 8, 2009

Today I went to Balise Chevrolet with Luke’s Dad.  I had fun meeting new people. I first met Luke’s Aunt Betty who happened to be at the dealership having her car survived. While I was in the Service Department I got to go into the shop and help work on an ambulance that was there being serviced. Mr. Ross and I then went over to the parts department where I met Dan. We then went back to the Sales Department. That is where Mr. Ross works as a Sales Consultant. I helped Mr. Ross sell and spot deliver a truck. I worked with Ben the sales manager to write up the deal. In the show room they had a corvette and a camero. Mr. Ross and I pretended to be race car drivers. It was so cool! Mr. Ross works with Fran. Fran has a friend Nutty who travels all over like I do. Nutty and I hit it off and became friends. I had a great time with Luke’s Dad at Balise Chevrolet. Remember you will do better at Balise Chevrolet with Mr. Ross!