Classroom Rules

By following these rules, it's very easy to be a successful student. These not only make you better students, but will help you become better people in the real world as well.

1. Respect others as well as their property            

    - I will not verbally or physically abuse my peers.

    - I will not take other students property if not given permission.

    - I will not talk unless called on by the teacher. 

    - I will not talk over others in the class.

2. Be attentive, prepared, and punctual

    - I will pay attention during lessons and activities.

    - I will get to class on time.

    - I will turn my homework in the date it's due.

    - I will actively participate in class.

    - I will bring necessary supplies with me to class.

    - I will be sitting properly in my seat during class.

3. Be honest

    - I will not copy or cheat off others.

    - I will not falsely accuse others.


1. Verbal warning

2. Talk to student after class

3. Call parents

4. After school detention

5. Referral to the dean's office


There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for the following actions:

    - Fighting

    - Bullying

    - Possession of drugs, alcohol, and weapons

    - Swearing

    - Public displays of affection