Discipline Plan

To create a healthy classroom atmosphere, I developed a discipline plan to rid any sort of bad behavior that may intervene with a healthy classroom atmosphere. 


    - Students are expected to follow the classroom rules, which will be established at the beginning of the school year.

    - These classroom rules are collaboratively made between Mr. Hantak and the class.

    - These rules are found in the syllabus as well as the wall.


    - If these rules aren't followed, then the student will have to decide whether to behave or accept the consequences.


    - The data chart mentioned on my behavior management page will help indicate whether a behavior contract needs to signed. 

    - These contracts set goals of what the student must do in order to correct his or her behavior. 

    - A sample of a contract is found in the syllabus, which I discussed with the class the first day of school. I discussed this with parents during the open house.

    - Student and teacher will work together as to what behavior needs to be corrected, the process of how the correction should be made, how long the contract will last, and they will agree on a reward for following the contract.