About Me & Contact Information

My name is Jason Hantak and I am a 7th grade math teacher. I graduated from Benedictine University with a major in elementary education and a minor in mathematics. I also have an endorsement in science. I decided I wanted to be a teacher when I was in junior high. Throughout my life, I have always helped others out whether it's in school, sports, job related, or just for advice. Other than teaching, I love to run. I ran cross country and track during high school and college and continue to run races unattached.  I also have a cat name Gus. My contact information is as follows:


630 - 867 - 5309 ext. 3121

If you want to contact me by phone, it is best to call me prior to the start of the school day. I'm usually there by 7:45am, which is 45 minutes prior to the first class. You could also call me during my off period, which is from 12:10 to 1pm. I also stay at school until 3:30pm. If you choose to email me, I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.