Career Quest




  Check out your preferences
  Analyze your strengths and weaknesses 
  Rate your personality type
  Explore a career
  Examine the employment outlook
  Review your resume
  Sharpen your interviewing skills


Check out your preferences ~ -  Locate the Keirsey Temperament Sorter II, complete the information form, then proceed to the online personality questionnaire. Base your responses on how you really act - not on how you wish you would act. *Print out your personality type page - you may need to refer to this. -  Connect to the NYCareerZone website, select the graphic site, then click on "Assess Yourself". Follow the directions which will result in a list of possible career choices based on your interests.  Click a job title to retrieve a description.

Analyze your strengths and weaknesses ~ The Four Dimensions web page will provide some insight into how and why individuals think and act in a specific manner.

Rate your personality type ~ The Four Temperaments - Rationals, Idealists, Artisans, and Guardians.  Based on the results you received following completion of the Keirsey Online Temperament Sorter, review the description of YOUR temperament.  Is the description accurate?

Explore a career ~ -The Occupational Outlook Handbook will provide a detailed description of career areas including training, education, working conditions, earning potential, and job prospects. - Career Zone highlights careers of interest in the featured career archives section.  Check out U.S. Marshall, graphic designer, web designer, physician's assistant, athletic trainer, and others.

Examine the employment outlook ~ Excellent resource for career growth projections, career fairs, and preparing for a career. - Browse through America's Career InfoNet to learn about general job market trends including the fastest growing, most openings, highest paying, and more . . .  - U.S Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Office of Occupational Statistics and Employment Projections website compiles  information about the labor market with projections for 10 years in the future.

Review your resume ~ - JobStar reviews general tips for writing a winning resume along with providing samples to get you started. - "How to Write a Masterpiece of a Resume" - Jobweb presents sample resume formats and an extensive list of action words to describe your skills and experience. - Purdue University's Online Writing Lab clearly and thoroughly details information to be included in the various parts of a resume.

Sharpen your interviewing skills ~ -Jobweb's interviewing tips list 10 steps to a successful interview, review facts you should gather before the interview, and prepare you with interviewer's favorite questions. - Quintessential Careers is your complete guide to the job interview. The site reviews various types of interviews, as well as providing collections of interview questions.  In addition, a tutorial is provided along with links to additional web resources.


WORKSHEET #1 - Keirsey Temperament Sorter Results

WORKSHEET #2 - Explore A Career

WORKSHEET #3 - Examine The Employment Outlook





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Use the links under the "Worksheets" section


copy the worksheets below and paste into Microsoft Word to complete your research.


Name: ______________________________    Date: ________________

WORKSHEET #1 – Keirsey Temperament Sorter

Part One

1.    What did you learn about yourself by completing the Keirsey Temperament Sorter?

2. Are you surprised by anything you learned?  Explain.

3.  What is your personality type?

4.   List three traits from the personality type description that you feel best describe your personality.

5.   List one or two traits that you feel do NOT describe your personality.

6.   What type of career(s) do you think you are best suited for?

7.   List three specific jobs that might interest you in the future.



Name: _______________________________    Date: ________________

WORKSHEET #1 – Keirsey Temperament Sorter

Part Two

1.   Go back to the Keirsey main page and click on the “Four Temperaments” link (Artisan, Guardian, Idealist, Rational).  Select the link for your temperament type and read the description.  Next, select the link for “Famous People” and record the names of at least five famous people who have the same temperament type that you do. 

2.   Are you familiar with any of these people?

3.  In what way(s) do you identify with them?

4.    Review the “Quotes” section which can be found near the bottom of the temperament description page.  From the quotes listed, select one, record it along with the name of the author and explain the significance of the quote and how it relates to your life.

Name: _______________________________________    Date: ________________

WORKSHEET #1 – Keirsey Temperament Sorter

Part Three


1.    Return to the Keirsey home page and select the link entitled “Work and Temperament”.  Read the introduction, and then click on the link for your temperament type.  List at least three career areas that you would be suited for.

2.   Compare these career choices with those you listed on Worksheet One, Part One.  Has anything changed?

3.   List at least two personality traits that you currently exhibit that would contribute to your success on the job.

Name: _______________________________________    Date: ________________

WORKSHEET #2 – Explore a Career

Part One

Go to the Occupational Outlook Handbook website at


Choose a career area that interests you and respond to the following:

1.    What is the job title?

2.   What education/training is required for the career you have chosen?

3.   What does an employee in this occupation do?

4.   Where is the work usually done?

5.   Does the occupation require work that might be dangerous or be a physical or health risk?

6.   Does this occupation often require working hours or locations that might be a problem? (Frequent overtime, evening or weekend work, travel away from home?)

7.   Does this occupation require doing physically strenuous work or working outdoors?

8.   Is part-time employment usually available in this occupation?

9.   What rewards and satisfaction are likely to be found in this occupation?

10. What interests, abilities, knowledge, and skills are helpful in this occupation?

11. What are the opportunities for advancement in this occupation, and   how might you prepare for advancement?

12.   What is the employment outlook for this occupation?

13.    What is a typical starting salary for this occupation?

14.       How much do people who have been in this occupation for ten years usually earn?

15.       Are there any “related” occupations listed?  What are they?

16.        Is there a possibility of owning your own business with this career?

Name: ___________________________________________    Date: ___________

WORKSHEET #2 – Explore a Career

Part Two

From the Occupational Outlook Handbook website, select the link for the Employment Projections page.

1.    What is the current employment number in your chosen career field?

2.   What is the projected 10 year number?

3.   Is an increase or decrease projected to occur in this career field?

4.   What impact will the projection have on your decision as to what career you are interested in pursuing?

Name: _________________________________________    Date: ________________

WORKSHEET #3 – Examine the Employment Outlook

Visit  From the home page, select the Articles Library link. Next, choose Job Outlook from the links on the left.

1.    What does the job market look like for college graduates?

2.   What factors are influencing or contributing to this job market?

3.   What career areas are projected to be growing for college graduates?

4.  How is the Internet impacting the job search?