High School

Career Quest Project

A required project for high school majors courses.

Go to the Career Quest link.

1. Access the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, complete the required information and begin the "quiz". Ask about any terms you may not be familiar with. Print out one copy of the quiz results for your portfolio, you will need to refer to this during the project. 

2.  Print a copy of the Career Quest Worksheet #1 (Part One, Two, & Three) and respond to all questions. File the worksheet in your portfolio.

3.  Go to the Occupational Outlook Handbook website at http://www.bls.gov/oco/home.htm   Print a copy of the Explore A Career Worksheet #2 (Part One and Two) - follow the directions on the worksheets and complete all information. Be sure to keep all paperwork in your portfolio.

4.  Examine the employment outlook - print Worksheet #3 and follow the instructions.