Explore A Career Worksheet #2

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WORKSHEET #2 – Explore a Career

Part One

Go to the Occupational Outlook Handbook website at http://www.bls.gov/oco/home.htm


Choose a career area that interests you and respond to the following:

1.    What is the job title?

2.   What education/training is required for the career you have chosen?

3.   What does an employee in this occupation do?

4.   Where is the work usually done?

5.   Does the occupation require work that might be dangerous or be a physical or health risk?

6.   Does this occupation often require working hours or locations that might be a problem? (Frequent overtime, evening or weekend work, travel away from home?)

7.   Does this occupation require doing physically strenuous work or working outdoors?

8.   Is part-time employment usually available in this occupation?

9.   What rewards and satisfaction are likely to be found in this occupation?

10.        What interests, abilities, knowledge, and skills are helpful in this occupation?

11.  What are the opportunities for advancement in this occupation, and   how might you prepare for advancement?

12.       What is the employment outlook for this occupation?

13.      What is a typical starting salary for this occupation?

14.     How much do people who have been in this occupation for ten years usually earn?

15.        Are there any “related” occupations listed?  What are they?

16.     Is there a possibility of owning your own business with this career?

Name:________________________    Date: _______

WORKSHEET #2 – Explore a Career

Part Two

From the Occupational Outlook Handbook website, select the link for the Employment Projections page.

1.    What is the current employment number in your chosen career field?

2.   What is the projected 10 year number?

3.  Is an increase or decrease projected to occur in this career field?

4.   What impact will the projection have on your decision as to what career you are interested in pursuing?