Computer Contract


I, ______________________________________, pledge to follow these rules to be responsible, respectful, and safe while in computer class and online. I will talk with my teacher and TA to set up rules for using computer equipment, for going online, how long to stay online, and appropriate areas to visit.

I will not give out personal information such as my name, address, telephone number, parent's work number, my school name, or location, or places I go.

I will tell an adult right away if I find any information that makes me feel uncomfortable. I will not agree to get together with someone I meet online. I will not send a person my picture or anything else. I will not respond to messages that are mean or make me feel uncomfortable. If I get such a message I will tell an adult right away. I will not give out my Internet password to anyone. I will be a good online citizen and not do anything that hurts other people or that is against the law.

I understand that I may not sign on to email or any chatrooms such as AIM, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, or any similar websites.  _________

I understand that I may not use web proxies to access blocked sites. ________________

I may not bring any electronic equipment to class such as cell phones, headphones, CD's, Ipods, MP3 players, PSPs, etc.  ________

I understand that the main purpose of the computers is for education and that I am expected to complete all of my assigned work. ______________

I agree to abide by all computer classroom rules. If, at any time, I choose not to abide by these rules, my Internet privileges will be revoked for the remainder of the school year. If I share my Internet access with someone who has lost his privileges, then I understand that I will lose my privileges as well.   ______________


Signed: _______________________________________       Date: ______________________