stainless steel flat washers

What is flat washer, roles and how to choose flat washer?

Flat washers are mainly engraved on the iron plate. It aims to distribute the load on the fastener while reducing heat and friction during the tightening process. They can also be used as spacers, as is common in industrial and home applications. Flat washers are also used to provide electrical insulation.

Role of flat washer

The stainless steel flat washers are typically used to reduce friction, prevent leaks, insulate, prevent loosening, or disperse pressure. Many materials and structures have such components that are used to perform some similar functions. Loosening prevention spring washers, multi-tooth lock washers, round nut thrust washers, seats, waves and taper spring washers are used to prevent loosening of the connecting pair. The star washer manufacturers are made a special type of washer in the shape of a star.




Flat washers are mainly used to reduce pressure. When some parts are tightened with a large axial force, the washer can be easily pushed in and becomes a plate shape. At this time, the material can be used to improve the hardness and solve the problem. The stainless steel lock nut is resistant, vibrant, torquein nature.

The locking effect of spring washers is common and employs a self-locking construction to minimize important parts. Otherwise, friction and heat can easily burn or open or even damage the surface of the connection part. Do not use a spring washer structure to connect the sheet steel. According to statistics, spring washers are increasingly being used in cars. The stainless steel dowel pins are ideal for food or hygiene applications as well as underwater or marine applications.

  1. Increase the contact area between the screw and the machine.
  2. Removes damage to the machine surface as the spring pad ejects the screw. A spring pad and flat washers are required for use. The flat washer is next to the machine surface, and the spring pad is between the flat washer and the nut. The astm a453 grade 660 is a material specification for studs, bolts, nuts, and other fasteners designed for use with hot bolts.


How to choose a flat washer?

A flat washer is used as a part to prevent the bolts and nuts from locking. When using fasteners, use flat gaskets. How to choose the right flat gasket? A flat washer is a type of flat washer, mainly used to increase and tighten the contact area between screws and some large equipment. It must have the important properties required within the most effective sealing time.


  1. In harsh environments, you should seal the flat gasket. Leakage is less likely to occur when operating at a constant temperature and pressure.
  2. When connecting the flat gasket to the contact surface, it is necessary to ensure air tightness and enhance the effect.
  3. If the joint is under pressure, it should improve its anti-wrinkle ability under the influence of temperature. Otherwise, the screws will be damaged, and hard gas leaks will occur.
  4. Do not get infected when using flat washers.
  5. Flat washers can be used to disassemble well. This is the greatest effect of choosing a flat washer.