Class Discipline

Become an "ICMM" (I Can Manage Myself) Club member.

Here's how:

Students will become a card holder by managing themselves in a proper way throughout the day.  Students must maintain proper behavior in order to keep their card holding privileges.  The card entitles card holders to special privileges throughout the day and week.  A card will be revoked if the student visits the Consequence Book 3 or more times in a week. 

How will behavior be managed and disciplined???

The class will use a bulletin board that will encourage students from making improper choices.  There will be 4 levels of praise used for our Hangin' Ten behavior.  Once students achieve the fourth level of praise they will be rewarded.   For negative behavior students will receive strikes that I keep track of on a clipboard:

No Strikes= Fantastic Behavior! (Conduct Grade= S+) 

One Strike= Warning (Conduct Grade= S)

Two Strikes= Second Warning (Conduct Grade= N)

Three Strikes= Class Time Out and student must write in the Consequence Book And note home. (Conduct Grade= N-)

Four Strikes= Bounce-Out to another teacher's class and parent notification (Conduct Grade= U)

If a student recieves more than 4 strikes the student may be referred to the office for further consequences or a parent may be called immediately.